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Stock Picks For Profit

Stock Picks for Profit is an information service which developed the proprietary stock selection system that can make you money. SPFP publishes its’ stock picks every week. Think of it as weekly income.

SPFP started trading in 2003 and soon realized that change is required to ensure viability and profit. Therefore, our trading style has evolved over the years, which is crucial in the stock market. Our track record speaks for itself.

StockPicksForProfit trading system has averaged over 24% a year. By using the mechanics of this system it is SPFP goal that the stock picks we bring you, each week, will generate double digit profits for you and yours!

All of our stock selections are dated and that date closing price shall be used to determine winner or loser. These closing prices can be cross checked with many major financial publications. For the low monthly price of $79.95 you receive our experience in market analysis, monitoring of the market, access to our member’s area, email support, and our goal of a decent return on your investment.

Our proprietary dynamic system find stocks, every week, that can make you money.

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