2005 23rd Week Top Stock

53.62% in only one week. StockPicksForProfit Top Stock Pick DSTI gained over 53% in one week. Verify our stock picks with any major financial source. We always use Friday’s closing prices (unless Friday is a holiday). Why? We’re glad you asked. Anyone can say I bought this stock here and sold it there and this is how much I made <—That’s Easy.

We publish our stock picks on Friday, after the market is close. Subscribers can then do their due diligence and decide whether to paper trade, real trade, or just follow our selections. The following Friday we publish the results of our stock picks (using closing price again). Of course, actual trades will be higher or lower however, we believe that with our CWARDFS system there is no fudging.

Computer Works And Readers Develop Financial Success. Our proprietary system, CWARDFS, find stocks that can make you money.


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