Research Method

We crunch the data so you don’t have to…

We analyze the basics of a companies financial structure to create a fundamental valuation of a company to discover what a stock is really worth - as opposed to what it’s being traded for in the market. When we find the intrinsic value is more than the current share price, we list it as one of our picks that you may consider buying.

Our methodology accurately uncovers the sum of a company’s discounted cash flows. Our analysis discounts future profits to account for the time value of money, and adjusting for inflation. This produces the results that investors love to see. Undervalued stocks that are destined to perform.

The concept behind intrinsic value analysis makes sense when you think about how a company provides value for its owners. A business is all about profits, plain old revenue minus expenses - the basis of intrinsic value. While our research methodologies are quite complex, our focus on a companies fundamentals allows our picks to consistently beat the S&P 500.

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